Westlake Academy Athletic Club

Giving back through sports.

About The WAAC


Our History

WAAC Board Members 2019-2020

Our History

Seeing a need for athletic funding at Westlake Academy, we formed our organization in 2005 to focus on sports and to align with the community. We've consistently grown since then by providing sensible solutions while the athletic program expands. Did you know:

•Westlake Academy’s athletic program is self-funded and does not receive operational funding from the town or the school’s budget. It does receive limited funding for coach stipends. 

•WAAC donations and individual athlete registration fees paid by families allow the athletic department to field competitive teams in almost every sport.

•More than 68% of the WA student population (JH & HS) participates in athletics. This is an amazing statistic!


Our Mission

WAAC Board Members 2019-2020

Our History

The WAAC loves sports! We will increase financial and volunteer support of student athletic programs for student athletes and coaches across all sports at Westlake Academy in the 2019-2020 school year: School Athletic Equipment Upgrades, Creative Cost Containment-such as family registration caps, Team Registration Scholarships-needs based, Funding for Team Travel and Essential Athletic Requests from WA Athletic Director.


WAAC Board Members 2019-2020

WAAC Board Members 2019-2020

WAAC Board Members 2019-2020

Tom Cawthra - President

Jennifer Griffin - Vice President

Lisa Kozman - Secretary

Carol-Ann Ward - Treasurer

Scott Cortinas - Board Member

Anne-Marie Lee - Board Member

John Davidson - Board Member

John Breazeale - Board Member

Karen Breazeale - Board Member

Ashley Hansen - Board Member

Darla Snead - Board Member

Marlene Rutledge - Community Representative

Alan Burt - Athletic Director